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Flagstaff Tennis Association (FTA) held their annual USTA tournament for the second year at the NAU Tennis Complex.

July 2, 2018 08:04 PM

The 2018 Flagstaff Open and Junior Tennis Tournament was held June 29 to July 1 at Northern Arizona University. We had a great turnout, with 153 players participating in 215 matches! Hosted in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, this annual event is a USTA sanctioned tournament for all players. For adults, there were Open divisions, as well as NTRP singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events. For juniors, there were singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events by age division. 


See photos on the Flagstaff Tennis Association Facebook page.

The tournament is the annual fundraiser for the Flagstaff Tennis Association's tennis activities in the community (including summer tennis camps for kids and team tennis).

With elevations over 7000', Flagstaff's cool, mountain air and abundant sunshine serves up excellent conditions for summer tennis in the Southwest U.S.


Here is a list of our award  winners:


Girls' 18 Singles - 1st: Elizabeth Vijan; 2nd: Torye Calleja
Girls' 16 Singles - 1st: Sanjana Kumar; 2nd: Olivia Kim
Girls' 14 Singles - 1st: McKenna DeMarce; 2nd: Kennedy Robinson
Girls' 12 Singles - 1st: Jalina Ingram; 2nd: Mikki Lyons

Boys' 18 Singles - 1st: Chris Lambert; 2nd: Kyle Bloomstadt
Boys' 16 Singles - 1st: Tyler Tam; 2nd: Liam Peterson
Boys' 14 Singles - 1st: Hadley Kukla; 2nd: Noah Killeen

Girls' 18 Doubles - 1st: Calleja/Vijan; 2nd: MacLay/Snitker
Girls' 16 Doubles - 1st: Kumar/Nhaisi; 2nd: Kim/Wallen
Girls' 14 Doubles - 1st: DeMarce/Robinson; 2nd: Lyons/Lyons
Girls' 12 Doubles - 1st: Lyons/Lyons; 2nd: Gravel/Gravel

Boys' 18 Doubles - 1st: Belgrad/Gopakumar; 2nd: Maitem/Tam
Boys' 16 Doubles - 1st: Kukla/Tam ; 2nd: Laurie/Peterson
Boys' 14 Doubles - 1st: Kheshvadjian/Wood ; 2nd: Fetty/Fetty

Mixed 18 Doubles - 1st: Fernandez/Vijan; 2nd: Bloomstadt/Calleja

Co-ed 10 Singles - 1st: Kelly Gravel; 2nd: Nandini Gupta


Men's Open Singles - 1st: Hussein Elalami; 2nd: John Denboer
Men's Open Doubles - 1st: Kheshvadjian/Lambert ; 2nd: Fernandez/Grammond


Men's 4.0 Singles - 1st: Tyler Brock; 2nd: Constantin Querard
Men's 3.5 Singles - 1st: Brent McKay; 2nd: Gary Bloomstadt

Women's 4.0 Singles - 1st: Andrea Meyer; 2nd: Christy Menard

Men's 7.0 Doubles - 1st: Bloomstadt/Bloomstadt ; 2nd: Luedde/Luedde
Men's 8.0 Doubles - 1st: Trevas/Turoczy; 2nd: Riggs/Riggs

Women's 6.0 Doubles - 1st: Downs/Nicol; 2nd: Fortunate/Smith
Women's 7.0 Doubles - 1st: Brown/Vargas; 2nd: Bates Caputo/Hiltner
Women's 8.0 Doubles - 1st: Bowler/Crownhart; 2nd: Deglane/Meyer

Mixed 7.0 Doubles - 1st: Fortunate/Mason; 2nd: Hiltner/Voytek
Mixed 8.0 Doubles - 1st: Corsetti/McKay; 2nd: Deglane/Ebel


Special Thanks to our Volunteers and Sponsors (Corporate and Individual Sponsors). With our Sponsors help we were able to afford drinks, fruit, snacks, and an Ice Cream Social for all. 

Ruby Sponsorship

Terrel Marxen
Flagstaff Bone and Joint

Sapphire Sponsorship

Avenue of the Worlds
Pita Jungle
Around the Mountain Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Michael McLaughlin

Emerald Sponsorship

Divinely Nurturing Medical Massage
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Palley
Nigel and Jeanne Finney
Bruce Bourne and Patrice Giordano
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Dr. Jean and Mr. Greg Brown