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2017 Flagstaff Open and Junior Tennis Tournament a Huge Success!

The Flagstaff Open was held June 23-25th at the NAU Tennis Complex. Over 100 players participated in 145 matches over the 3-day event.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event a huge success!   This was our first time hosting the event at the NAU Tennis Complex, and we received a lot of positive feedback on this fabulous facility.  We hope everyone had an enjoyable experience and will help spread the word about our tournament.  We want to see everyone back next year!
For 2018, we are shooting to once again have the tournament in the latter half of June.  The timing seems to work well with respect to school end dates, family vacation times, and avoiding monsoonal weather/rain here in Northern Arizona.  
This was a great team effort, with enthusiastic players, a generous host in NAU, event sponsors, and hard-working volunteers such as Tournament Director (Steve Riggs) and our USTA officials (Scott Weber, Jenny Garcia, Phil Brunner, Beth Bivins), as well as our Tournament Desk Gurus (Joanne Parkes, Cindy Weick, and Dave Weick) and numerous others who popped in to lend a hand.  We are especially appreciative of the parents who took the time and expense to bring their junior players to the tournament.  We value your support and commitment to grow youth tennis…the future of our sport!

Some of our Award Winners:

Mixed Open Doubles

Mixed Open Doubles

Winner: Jasmine Caballero/Zach Fernandez

2nd Place: Torye Calleja/Trent Calleja


Men's Open Singles

Winner: Harrison Reid

2nd Place: John Denboer

Womens 8.0 Doubles

NTRP Combined Women's 8.0 Doubles

Winner:  Charo Deglane/Andrea Meyer

2nd Place: Allison Bates Caputo/Nita Hiltner

Womens 4.5

NTRP Women's 4.5 Singles

Winner: Heather Bartzen

2nd Place: Andrea Meyer


Men's Open Doubles

Winner:  John Denboer/Michael Harmon

2nd Place: Bernd Lorenz/DuaneTerrazas


Men's 50 Singles

Winner: David Hibbs

2nd Place: Michael Riddle


Men's 40 Doubles

Winner: Matt Matson/Chris Tavares

2nd Place: David Hibbs/Jason Downes


NTRP Men's 4.0 Singles

Winner:  Jason Downes

2nd Place: Zachary Hernandez


NTRP Combined Men's 7.0 Doubles

Winner: Michael McLaughlin/Tim McLaughlin

2nd Place: Mitchell Riggs/Steve Riggs


NTRP Men's 3.5 Singles

Winner: Michael Newcomb

2nd Place: Hayden Sybrant


NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles

Winner: Michael Newcomb

2nd Place: Mitchell Riggs


Girls' 18 Singles

Winner: Jasmine Caballero

2nd Place: Torye Calleja


Boys' 18 Singles

Winner: Zach Fernandez

2nd Place: Joshua Belgra


Boys' 18 Doubles

Winner: Logan Bayer/Winston Zeng

2nd Place: Joseph Haertzen/Reilley Luedde


Boys' 16 Singles

Winner: Samuel Stoecker

2nd Place: Tanner Muscarella


Boys' 14 Doubles

Winner: Ryan Gravel/Hadley Kukla

2nd Place:Kaiden DePascale/Jaden Zeng


Additional Winners:


Men's 70 Singles

Winner: D Carey Foste

2nd Place: Frank Tyson


Women's 50 Singles

Winner: Heather Bartzen

2nd Place: Kerri Munson


NTRP Women's 3.5 Singles

Winner: Kerri Munson

2nd Place: Alix Riggs


NTRP Combined Men's 8.0 Doubles

Winner: Rick Ebel/Link Paffenbarger

2nd Place: Adam Kaupisch/David Trevas


NTRP Combined Mixed 7.0 Doubles

Winner:  Kerri Munson/Alex Nebelsky

2nd Place: Bruce Bourne/Patrice Giordano


NTRP Combined Mixed 8.0 Doubles

Winner: Charo Deglane/Rick Ebel

2nd Place: Andrea Meyer/Neil Paffenbarger


Boys' 14 Singles

Winner: Hadley Kukla

2nd Place: Jaden Zeng


Girls' 16 Singles

Winner: Faith Daab

2nd Place: Abigail Stoecker


Girls' 18 Doubles

Winner: Jasmine Caballero/Faith Daab

2nd Place: Torye Calleja/Sarah Schott


Boys' 12 Singles

Winner: Camden Fetty

2nd Place: Leyton Fetty


Girls' 12 Singles

Winner: Amy Gravel

2nd Place:Brooke Freshour


Boys' 12 Doubles

Winner: Camden Fetty/Leyton Fetty

2nd Place: Lucas Davis/Nicholas Gingold


Girls' 10 Singles

Winner: Kaley Gravel

2nd Place: Iliana Muscarella

Feel free to contact FTA with any feedback, suggestions, recommendations, etc.  We are always looking for ways to make the tournament better.  Just shoot us a note at